With 25+ years of Corporate HR business experience in Fortune 500 Companies and Industries, a multicultural upbringing, and a passion for the performing arts as a means of creative expression and transformation, Paola Granati sees herself at the crossroads between a posthumanist, a creative entrepreneur and an artist.

As a business HR leader, her expertise is in leading change and driving results in times of major transformations and in bringing teams and leaders together to expand their untapped potential as a collective body, boost their performance by enhancing skills, knowledge and thinking strategies.

As a writer, performer and creative designer, she develops, curates and leads professional and personal development programs and initiatives as well as music and theatre productions that raise awareness, create change and provide an immersive and fun experience.

As a creative entrepreneur, her focus is on developing alternative ways of designing our world of work where work is seen as a possibilty and an opportinity to discover and manifest our creative self. How we design our world of work is how we will live it so learning to design, test, explore and experiment will lead to discovering new paradigms that can better address the challenges of the XXIst Century.

Paola Granati holds a BA in Political Science, a Post-Graduate in HR Management, Masters in Curatorship and in Music Writing and Music Business and numerous certifications in Coaching, Neuro-linguistic and Neuro-Hypnotic Repatterning and Programming and in Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship.

She is currently based in Zurich, Switzerland.

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