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Part 2 - Transitions, Careers, Regulations - Are we ready for the future w/ Murielle Antille

Part 2 of this Episode of the World of Work Podcast, the WoW, continues the conversation with Mureille Antille, Head of Government and Industry Affairs at LHH. about transitions and career management. In part 2 we look at to what extend public institutions are also adjusting their thinking with regards to employment and what are some of the things we can start doing ourselves as individuals in order to stay ahead of the curve of change! As a reminder, this was a live event and we opened welcomed the inputs and questions from the audience. YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZAF7IEl2dQ

Part 1 - Transitions, Careers, Regulations - Are we ready for the future w/ Murielle Antille

There is no doubt that we are witnessing an increase in mobility inside and outside companies and that transitions are the new normal. In this episode I am joined by Murielle Antille, Head of Government and Industry Affairs at LHH to discuss the topic from different perspectives. How ready are we to see transitions as the new normal? How do companies see this shift? How can individuals feel in control during these volatile times? This was a LIVE event and throughout the episode you will hear participants voicing their opinion on the matter. Bio of Murielle Antille: As SVP, Head of Government and Industry Affairs with LHH, Murielle Antille is responsible for the relationships with external stakeholders such as policy makers, institutions, communities or think tanks. As a member of the Global Leadership Team and global thought leadership council, Murielle acts as an internal advisor on topics related to future of work, labor markets, regulations and further external developments impacting LHH’s activities. In the past, she held various functions in global sales as well as lead LHH European talent development business. Prior to joining LHH, Murielle worked in international business development, human capital management and partner management. Murielle holds an M.A. (lic. rer. publ. HSG) in economics, law and political science from the University of St. Gallen (HSG), Switzerland. She has worked and lived in Asia, Russia and Latin America. YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gValq9ryX4g&t=12s

Part 2 - the WoW of NGOs - Save the Children w/ Adrian Förster

What are the challenges NGOs face when managing the workforce? How easy is it to attract talent? How do NGOs cooperate with one another on the ground? How do they share talent? In Part 2 we go a bit deeper and unveil some of the romanticism that at times is linked to NGOs. It is often a world made of hardships where your own safety and security can be at risk depending on which parts of the world you are operating in. Adrian Förster, CEO of Save the Children, has no doubts that to join an NGO and stay motivated and engaged you need a very strong intrinsic drive and camaraderie that is linked to your sense of purpose that helps you overcome the hardships! Remember to check out the video on my YouTube channel and to subscribe! https://youtu.be/Zcg3ip96zPo °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° Bio of Adrian Förster, CEO of Save the Children Switzerland Growing up in Brazil and Argentina, Adrian was confronted at an early age with social inequality, poverty and children's problems. For ten years, he led a development project for SAM global in Guinea and then served as Deputy Managing Director for the same organisation in Switzerland. For the last five years Adrian was CEO of TearFund Switzerland before joining Save the Children. He holds a Master in Law and a Bachelor in Theological and International Studies.

Part 1 - the WoW of NGOs - Save the Children w/ Adrian Förster

In today's episode I put the spotlight on a different world of work, the world of work of NGOs in general and of Save the Children in particular. I met Adrian Förster, CEO of Save the Children Switzerland recently as I am hosting a live music and fundraising event for Save the Children on December 11 in Zürich and I thought it would be a great opportunity to learn more about what their world of work is like! What are the challenges they face? What's it like to work in an NGO? What led Adrian to pursue this path? How easy is it to attract talent? How do they measure success? As it's quite an unknown world for me, and I suspect for many people, I had loads of questions! Tune in to Part 1 ! And remember the WoW is also available as a video on my YouTube channel. Make sure you subscribe so you're always on the know of the latest releases! https://youtu.be/3CKM3BGVcbw °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° Bio of Adrian Förster, CEO of Save the Children Switzerland Growing up in Brazil and Argentina, Adrian was confronted at an early age with social inequality, poverty and children's problems. For ten years, he led a development project for SAM global in Guinea and then served as Deputy Managing Director for the same organisation in Switzerland. For the last five years Adrian was CEO of TearFund Switzerland before joining Save the Children. He holds a Master in Law and a Bachelor in Theological and International Studies.

Part 2 - Redefining Careers - What's Your Game Plan w/ Sergey Gorbatov

The great resignation, career downsizing, side hustles, career slashes.... lots going on around careers these days! Redefining them, managing them with intention and taking ownership of one's decisions including acknowledging the trade-offs, is what the new career game is all about. Nothing comes for free! You still need to work hard to get what you want. and, let's face it, we wouldn't want it any other way. Tune in as Sergey and I continue our conversation about the changing World of Work and how careers require new strategies and approach. Also check it out on YouTube:: https://youtu.be/FsUDZwQRE10

PART 1 - Redefining Careers: What's Your Game Plan? w/ Sergey Gorbatov

In this episode we focus on career management together with Sergey Gorbatov. Learning how to manage your career is a real skill that many people underestimate. As the world of work gets more and more volatile and unpredictable deciding what game you're in and what strategy you want to play will save you a lot of time and help you stay focused on your goals. You can also watch the video on Paola Granati You Tube Channel °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° Dr. Sergey Gorbatov , Professor at IE Business School (Madrid, Spain), lectures and researches in the disciplines of Leadership, Organizational Behavior, and Human Resources. Outside of academia, Sergey is Area HR Director, LATAM at AbbVie, a Fortune 100 company. His recent book, ‘FairTalk: Three Steps to Powerful Feedback’ (co-authored with Angela Lane), enables any leader to drive results in their teams through fair, focused, and credible feedback. He is a director at the Center for Feedback Culture at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

PART 2 - How to become the CEO of your life! w/Lewis Maleh

Part 2 of "How to Become the CEO of your life" continues as we talk about performance appraisals and how the most important focus is on building up on your strengths and making sure you are the best you can be at those while not ignoring any disturbing noise that may come from your weaknesses. If we don't address the noise then there is the risk that the rest of our talents are not even seen. But "fixing oneself" is not a resourceful way of being and thinking as it presupposes that one is broken and that to be successful one has to fit in other people's model of the world. A simpler way is to figure out what you want, what you're good at, what you want to be a part of, where you can make a difference and work hard! Lewis Maleh is founder and CEO of Bentley Lewis, an award winning boutique executive search firm with offices in London, Miami and New York. He also hosts 2 podcast shows: Don't take out your phone! and The Recruitment Show.

PART 1 - How to become the CEO of your life! w/Lewis Maleh

In this episode, I was sitting on the other side of the microphone as guest speaker at Lewis Maleh's podcast and LIVE show called The Recruitment Show. Lewis invited me to talk about my story and share some thoughts on my experience and what it's been to change paths and become a CEO of my life, which to me means a Creative Explorer of Opportunities! In PART 1, we touch upon many topics: how people can take control of their careers, the importance of knowing how the corporate system works if you want to be successful in that environment, and even more importantly how to value your self worth. If it's true that people are the most important assets in companies then we have to start believing that ourselves first ! Lewis Maleh is founder and CEO of Bentley Lewis, an award winning boutique executive search firm with offices in London, Miami and New York. He also hosts 2 podcast shows: Don't take out your phone! and The Recruitment Show.

Part 2 - Demystifying Coaching w/ Chiara Covone - LIVE WoW Event

The conversation continues as we unpack some of the myths linked to coaching and take questions from the participants. What's the difference between executive coaching and life coaching? What to do when the coachees expect the coach to come up with the answers to their problems? Is everyone coachable? and more! Join me together with Chiara Covone, Executive Coach & Marketing Professional, as we bring clarity on this very important topic!

Part 1 - Demystifying Coaching w/ Chiara Covone - LIVE WoW Event

There is a lot of noise around coaching! But is there just as much understanding as there is noise around what coaching is and what it isn't? Who is it for? How much should it cost? What are the benefits of coaching? And how do you know whether the coach you are working with is qualified to help you achieve your goals? Together with Chiara Covone, we unpack some of the myths around coaching in this LIVE Episode of the World of Work Podcast, the WoW, where we were joined by BA coaches and participants who pitched in with their questions and comments! Chiara Covone is an executive coach with 20+ years of corporate experience in multinational giants, like Philip Morris and Mondelez, where she pursued her career in Marketing, Innovation and Design until she decided to embrace full on her passion for coaching. Tune in to Part 1!

Part 2 - (cont'd) Discover Your Purpose & Follow Your Dreams w/ Gloria Zhang

Changing careers may seem like a daunting step for some but it is feasible and many people do it at some stage in their professional life either because life events lead them in different directions or because they actively pursue that change. What are some things to consider and to plan for before taking the leap? Tune in to Part 2 of this Episode with Gloria Zhang as she continues to share her story and her thought process in shifting professions from business to Museum Studies!

Part 1 -Discover Your Purpose & Follow Your Dreams w/ Gloria Zhang

There are many reasons I love what I do in the WoW and one of them is to discover and share personal stories that are often our stories and to meet amazing everyday people who have opened their minds to see how very different joyful and fulfilling worlds of work can emerge when we follow our sense of purpose . In this Episode I am joined by Gloria Zhang who changed her corporate World of Work once she discovered what her sense of purpose was and then decided to close one door so she could open another one and explore the wonders it had to offer. There are many nuggets of self-reflection in this episode that I am sure will lead you down an inspiring and peaceful path. Well, at least that's the effect it had on me! With a background in journalism and 10 years of successful business career in Quality, Supply Chain and New Product Introduction at Diageo, Gloria decided to pivot careers and go for something completed different: museum studies and art heritage! Tune in to her story or watch the video on You Tube. Link in the notes below.

Part 3 - Q&A on Shaking Up the World of Work w/Bilge Apak and Aleksandra Potrykus

The last part of this LIVE WoW Episode captures the Q&A session with the participants who attended the Event. Questions and topics ranged from how to influence influencers and decision makers in companies to who wants to be a Gen-Now regardless of age! Clearly the WoW is already representing new worlds of work made of multigenerational professionals who share common goals: design worlds of work that better address the challenges of the XXI Century!

Part 2 - Shaking Up the World of Work w/Bilge Apak and Aleksandra Potrykus

In Part 2, the LIVE conversation with Bilge and Ola continues as we cover topics like collective brainpower versus individual one, in house skills versus rented ones, the importance of trust when outsourcing competencies and the importance of companies continuing to invest in their people. We also get to hear about the 1st event, Shake up the workplace, that they hosted in 2020: the challenges of going ahead despite the pandemic as well as the economics behind it. Also on You Tube: https://youtu.be/-0XP7FHbIeU

Part 1 - Shaking Up the World of Work w/Bilge Apak & Aleksandra Potrykus

This Episode is divided into 3 parts where I talk with Bilge Apak and Aleksandra (Ola) Potrykus on how their World of Work has changed throughout their career and how they see the future World of Work changing in general. In Part 1 we get to hear their stories, their background and how they pivoted careers from a corporate setting to creating their own entrepreneurial initiatives with WeWent and Shake Up the Workplace. We also touch on topics like how to manage boundaries and the importance of physical and mental wellbeing when managing these postmodern very fluid work-life ways of being. This was a LIVE Event and you can also watch the video on YouTube WoW Channel. https://youtu.be/BBlZWizHmhw Bios of guest speakers: Bilge Apak - CEO of WeWent.com and Co-founder of Shake up the Workplace. Bilge believes the future is of those who dare unapologetically. After working long years in a corporate Bilge brought her technical expertise into improving workplace and employee dynamics through corporate education. in 2016 She co-founded WeWent.com, on-demand learning experts platform, and continues to challenge the status quo with Shake up the Workplace.Bilge is also active in women's healthcare with her new project Tiny Pea. She has a Family Youtube vlog channel to give more understanding around multiracial families and raising multilingual kids. Ola Potrykus - Co-Founder of WeWent.com and Shake Up The Workplace. After 10+ years of Corporate HR experience (Talent & Organizational Effectiveness, Change Management and HR Business Partnering roles), she left the comfort zone 3 years ago to co-found WeWent.com a platform with learning experts, coaches and facilitators and formats to activate learning. In 2019 co-founded Shake Up the Workplace - a future of work ecosystem. Passionate about bringing people together to share ideas, uncover insights and create a future we desire. She enjoys delivering, designing and finding purposeful workshops to facilitate shifts and create high performing and engaged organizations. She is also a certified Agile HR Practitioner.Two beliefs guide Ola's work - that everyone has potential and that as human beings we are a constant work in progress. In private: she loves yoga and travelling with her husband and 5.5 year-old daughter.

Part 2 - Make A Switch & Take the Leap with Christina Hiltscher

What does it take to pursue multiple professions and pivot careers? The conversation with Christina continues in Part 2 as we talk about what she did to prepare herself to make the switch, how did she reinvent her professional persona and what are some of the things she recommends we do in order to be successful. As a reminder Christina Hiltscher, guest speaker in this Episode of the WoW, is a senior marketing and business professional in the healthcare sector who decided to take the leap and pursue her passion in the world of the arts.

Part 1 - Make A Switch & Take the Leap with Christina Hiltscher

If you have ever wanted to make a switch in your career and go for something different but have been hesitating on how to go about it, then this episode divided in 2 parts is for you. It is not easy to take the leap and there are many factors to consider before you do! I talk about it with Christina Hiltscher, a Senior Marketing Professional in the Healthcare sector who has decided to pivot careers and to embrace a new persona in the art world. What has been her thinking process to take the jump? What are those skills she could transfer from one discipline to the other? What are those things she had to let go of ? We cover these important questions and many more as taking the leap requires more than just thinking about it! You need to do it at some stage to see if this is really what you want! Christina has worked in two large Healthcare companies (J&J and Medtronic), in various divisions. She lived and worked in 6 or 7 countries; depending how you count. If 1 month in Nepal in a local setting for charity counts, then 7. She held 7 different roles with increasing responsibility. Her last role was Marketing Director for Europe Middle East and Africa for a Therapy group generating 500mio$ a year. Her functional responsibilities were in sales, market development, marketing and business in MedTech, specifically Cardiology – Therapy and Diagnostics. Her background is in management, strategic planning and international marketing. She has an MBA from EADA business school in Barcelona. Christina is now the founder and Director of Hiltscher Consulting and has exchanged the healthcare space for art – where her passion lies.

Special Episode Dedicated to the Women of the World: Their Words, Our Voices

What a better way to celebrate Women's Day & Week than to dedicate a special WoW to the Women of the World! Through our voices we share the words and work of women who have inspired us so we can honour them, thank them and remember them in this special occasion. Their strength, courage and struggles are what make the world of women so intense and what continues to drive the need for awareness and change especially in relation to human rights, access to education, domestic violence and gender parity. This has been a fantastically enriching community experience: each speaker chose freely the text and quote they wanted to record and sent it to me. I then curated the production of the episode creating sounds and music as I was putting the clips together and following the emotions. I am grateful for their participation and willingness to take part of this! The speakers and their chosen female author, artist, writer, philosopher or influencer, are: Dorota Grabowska => Tamara de Lempicka & Michelle Obama Federica Traverso => Natalia Ginzburg & Elif Shafak Andrea Bressan => Mia Martini & Mary Shelley Chiara Covone => Susan Jeffers Xi Xi Jia => Anjali Sud Nieves Tortosa => Coco Chanel Vasco Teixeira => Jane Fonda Gloria Zhang => Brene Brown Petra Blume => Brene Brown Irina Bouras => Simona Halep Francesca Ceccherini => Hannah Arendt Anat Wulff => Golda Meir Germana Barba => Virginia Woolf All rights reserved to the original authors of the texts and quotes that are being recited. For the song of Mia Martini, I took the liberty of freely translating and interpreting it from Italian to English to better render the full meaning of the lyrics. Original music score by Paola Granati

Part 2 - Why Settle For Only One Profession? with Dr. Gareth Worthington

In Part 2 of this Episode with Dr. Gareth Worthington, we explore what is the difference between being a "hobbyist" and loving what you do as a hobby versus taking the jump to the next level and transforming your passion into a profession. What sacrifices are required to make that happen? And how do people know if they have what it takes to play in the big league? Tune in to your favourite podcast player and watch the episode on the WoW You Tube Channel! For the full bio of Gareth, check Episode 1.

Part 1 - Why Settle For Only One Profession? with Dr. Gareth Worthington

Multiple professions and careers are possible in a lifetime and if they are driven by your passions, interests and talents then your world of work will truly be WoW! In this episode I talk with Dr. Gareth Worthington about his multiple interests, passions and professions and how he has been able to bring them forward simultaneously and successfully. A trained Marine Biologist, a Medical Affairs Professional, a Science Fiction author, a Media Publishing founding member and so much more, you can't help but wonder how he manages to do all of this and more! What's the secret and what drives him to relentlessly pursue his passions and follow his curiosity? Listen to his story and let yourself be inspired. Gareth is trained Marine biologist, holds a PhD in comparative endocrinology and recently completed an EMBA at the Quantic School of Business and Technology. He also has multiple post-grad certifications in pharmaceutical industry-related disciplines. Currently, he work in medical affairs on new cancer therapies for the pharmaceutical industry. He has lived in the USA, Portugal, the Netherlands, Singapore and currently Switzerland. Gareth has hand-tagged sharks in California; and trained in various martial arts, including Jeet Kune Do, Muay Thai, and MMA at the EVOLVE MMA gym in Singapore and 2FIGHT in Switzerland. ​Gareth is also an award-winning author and member of the Science Fiction Writers of America, the British Science Fiction Association and the International Thriller Writers. All of his books are in development for TV/Film. As an author, he is represented by Renee C. Fountain and Italia Gandolfo of Gandolfo-Helin-Fountain literary Management. He has two new books releasing in 2021: Condition Black, written with co-author Stu Jones, and A Time for Monsters. Lastly, but certainly not least, Gareth is a founding board member of the Vesuvian Media Group, Inc --a unique books-to-film corporation.

Time to Shift Gears - Exploring New Paradigms of Work in the XXI Century

I start Season 2 by shifting gears from the current world of work to the future while having a look at the past. We travel light so we can travel far because we know that true transformation takes time and it takes a free mind to leave behind some assumptions regarding work, employment and the human within that equation. If we design a future based on similar assumptions of the present that come from a far away past we will have a similar future just more sophisticated, more automated but in essence unchanged. It is never a switch off/switch on process but rather it is a co-existence of the current ways of seeing work with some alternative ways. The greatest shift though that we can start today is to realise that the way we see our world of work, the way we design it, shape it, think of it, determines the way we live it. So let's start by taking ownership and responsibility for our world of work. The rest will follow. The WoW is also on YOUTUBE!

The Unspoken Voices of the WOW - the behind the scenes of the WoW in Music

In this very special "In Between Season" Episode of the WoW I speak about the hidden but audible voices behind the WoW music of Season 1: the team and more in general the professionals working in world of music and in the arts.You can also watch the video on You Tube! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7IUkNjmCRc


Final part of the LIVE Event which took place in October! And the final Episode of the Season 1! We start by addressing a question related to LInkedIN and we continue with the panelists from where we left off in perfect WoW spirit!


We continue the conversation with the guest panelists and participants. We talk about how to reposition, reset and rethink your job strategy especially when the external environment has a greater supply of candidates than a demand of jobs. Tune in to the conversation to hear more!


On October 9th the WoW shifted gears and went LIVE together with the panelists who took part of the first Season. During the live we addressed questions and topic coming from the participants: what's the current job market looking like, how to reset your job search strategy in these challenging times, how to stay WoWed! In this Special Session I was joined by Sunita Malhotra, Mona Amin, Karin Wierinck, Irina Bouras and Andreea Coman.

How is this Crisis Reshaping Work? An Inside-Out View with Mona Amin - PART I

In this Episode of the WoW I talk with Mona Amin, a Senior International HR Head with 20 years experience in multiple HR roles in India and across Europe. We talk about how the current crisis is forcing companies to relook and rethink about their approach to work, what measures need to be put in place to guarantee a safe environment and what are the longer term workforce needs. In her HR capacities Mona has led numerous change and transformation initiatives linked to post integration business development programs across geographies including Middle East and Emerging Markets. She is driven by family and friends, loves travelling and exploring the wonders this world offers, and is passionate about Yoga and healthy living.

The Art of Networking with Susan Kaye & Sunita Malhotra - PART I

Having a great CV and a great professional story to tell is not enough. You need to find someone who is interested in listening to it. And that is 80% of your job as a job seeker. It takes research, dedication and genuine interest when reaching out. This is why networking is such a critical component of any job search strategy (and not only!). It's a skill and an art that starts with how you see it and approach it, and it is something that everyone can do and that everyone must do. Tune in to some of the tips on how to go about it with my special guests, Susan Kaye, a Senior HR business professional with extensive experience in all areas of the HR Function and an Executive outplacement Career Coach and Counsel, and Sunita Malhotra, owner and managing director of People's Insights, who consults globally in strategic human resources, is also an executive coach, and in addition is a professor in several universities.

Let's Get Digital! The importance of Social Media in your Job Search - with Irina Bouras - PART I

Social media and how you shape your digital identity on the various platforms is a fundamental part of your job search project. Just make sure you do not create a "persona" which is different from who you are because sooner or later that will come across not only to future employers but also to professional recruiters, like Irina Bouras, whose job is to find and propose the right talent for their clients and who is my special guest in this episode of the WoW! Irina is a Business Partner with 7 years of European experience, starting her career in the Life Sciences industry. She is representing Skills Alliance GmbH in Zurich, Switzerland, a boutique recruitment company specialised in helping organizations be ready for future growth by delivering recruitment services to international organizations in the field of medical technology and biotechnology. Irina is Eastern-European at heart with a curiosity for diverse cultures which is why she lived in Romania, the Czech Republic and now in Switzerland for the last 5 years. People-oriented with a proven technical competence and market knowledge, she strives for efficiency, while continuously seeking new and improved ways of delivering the best talent fit.

What To Do If Your Job Has Been Impacted and More with Karin Wierinck - PART I

We continue to provide practical tips on what you should do and what you must do if your job has been impacted and you feel you are ready to go back into the job market or what to do if you are concerned about your current job given the uncertain times! Should you speak up in your organization or not? In this episode I am joined by Karin Wierinck, Global HR Business Leader in the pharma / biotech industry who has lived and worked in the USA and in various locations in Europe. In the course of her almost 30 years’ career she has led, lived through, and experienced herself downsizings and reorganizations numerous times. The WoW speaks from experience !

Managing Transitions with Susan Kaye - PART I

If you find yourself transitioning in between jobs, Susan Kaye will help put things into perspective! Thanks to her extensive experience in all areas of Human Resources as well as in outplacement and career counselling, she brings these unique characteristics together coupled with a very practical approach to work and how to move on. In this episode she talks about the importance of allowing yourself the time to heal if your job was made redundant and making sure you get the necessary support so that you are in the right state of mind to start a new beginning.

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