Time to Shift Gears - Exploring New Paradigms of Work in the XXI Century

I start Season 2 by shifting gears from the current world of work to the future while having a look at the past. We travel light so we can travel far because we know that true transformation takes time and it takes a free mind to leave behind some assumptions regarding work, employment and the human within that equation. If we design a future based on similar assumptions of the present that come from a far away past we will have a similar future just more sophisticated, more automated but in essence unchanged. It is never a switch off/switch on process but rather it is a co-existence of the current ways of seeing work with some alternative ways. The greatest shift though that we can start today is to realise that the way we see our world of work, the way we design it, shape it, think of it, determines the way we live it. So let's start by taking ownership and responsibility for our world of work. The rest will follow. The WoW is also on YOUTUBE!

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